Shamrock alliance

Shamrock alliance

About the company

Who are we?


Shamrock Alliance is an e-commerce advertising marketing service platform. The app is designed to help online merchants create popular products to increase online store popularity and exposure. Clover helps merchants rank their products on search engines. As one of Amazon's largest information technology marketing platforms, Clover Group was established in New York, USA in 2022. Through its intelligent cloud matching system, it connects millions of e-commerce and purchasing agents to meet the rapidly growing advertising demand and leverage on product sales. . Therefore, we urgently need to expand our online procurement team.


Why we do this ?


The Shamrock Alliance platform will start a multi-tasking journey in 2022, connecting millions of e-commerce and purchasing agents through an intelligent cloud matching system, and using product sales to meet rapidly growing advertising needs. Shamrock Alliance's mission is to help millions face this global pandemic, help the unemployed overcome the financial crisis, and help the world's largest e-commerce merchants grow their businesses.


How it works ? 


The main partners of the platform include online shopping platform merchants such as Wish, eBay, Wal-Mart, and Amazon. The platform uses an intelligent system to match merchant orders for platform users. We use 15 minutes to help merchants complete task orders. Our job content is to obtain each day's task orders on the platform every day and complete task orders. The task order can be completed in 15 minutes.




Shamrock Alliance promises to every member that the monthly income of all members is at least 55-75% of the principal. As a member of the platform, you can form your team to earn team commissions, and each member can bring you more 50-60% team commission of income

Competitive salary,commissions work alone or build your team as well as being independent