Sales, Marketing & Communications Manager – Middle East Region
   Sales, Marketing & Communications Manager – Middle East Region

Full Time
Posted on: 30/06/2020

Job Details

Industry-: Administration
Job Description:-

Job Purpose
This is responsible work in directing and managing region-wide activities to maintain a positive public image for MESOYIOS COLLEGE, and to promote an understanding of, and support for, its programs and services. This position will direct, initiate and execute plans for internal and external communications, marketing, media relations and sales promotion at state-wide and international level, and provide support for head office initiatives; conducts regular communication, sales and marketing meetings with MESOYIOS COLLEGE Council.
General Responsibilities
Essential Functions
• Works with MESOYIOS COLLEGE President’s Office, to develop and execute a MESOYIOS COLLEGE Sales, PR, Marketing and Communications plan for Middle East.
• Leads a strategic media relations plan for media inquiries; serves as media spokesperson and supports head office‐based staff.
• Distributes timely press releases and press kits based on annual master schedule; organizes news conferences and press packets; writes feature stories and guest editorials. Updates and maintains list of state media resources (television, radio, newspaper, magazine, etc.).
• May produce internal newsletter online and submits news items to state / regional publications.
• Sets standards for all externally distributed publications; produces templates, issues print guidelines and specifications; manages image and design compliance; maintains photo library; monitors compliance.
• Collaborates with Webmaster to present attractive and timely MESOYIOS COLLEGE home page and clarity of content.
• Serves as MESOYIOS COLLEGE Public Information Officer for state communications and assures participation in state or/and international- wide campaigns.
• Works with district and campus offices to publicize and stage in- campus or campus special events.
• Manages the MESOYIOS COLLEGE marketing, advertising and sales budget;
• Works with task force on media to engage in outreach initiatives with the help of Web- based communities, software and tools.

• Evaluates opportunities for sponsorships and targeting print advertising/advertorials; makes recommendations to the President of the Council and conducts follow- through.
• Engages in partnerships, communications and outreach initiatives creating greater awareness of its quality education and cultural opportunities to attract additional trainees, donors, and supporters. Works closely with trainee recruitment personnel in branding and developing recruitment materials.
• Secures professional marketing assistance as needed for image marketing and promotional activities, including advertising campaigns.
• Ensures institutional branding through proper use of MESOYIOS COLLEGE Logo-mark. Creates links from corporate, governmental, other local and educational web sites and utilize banner ads as possible.
• Increases MESOYIOS COLLEGE’s presence in the various communities served through active participation in chambers, economic development councils, task forces, etc.
• Seeks awards, grants, etc. from national/state/regional organizations; publicize recipients, winners, etc. via state/regional outlets.
• Other duties: distributes relevant news articles to key MESOYIOS COLLEGE officials during legislative session; creates PowerPoint presentations; publishes facts‐at‐a glance; develops video scripts; submits award nominations; updates MESOYIOS COLLEGE history; provides templates for retirement letters and resolutions.
• Models and sustains effective Servant-Leadership and Shared Governance practices which enhance the achievement of the vision, goals, plans and trainee‐centred culture of MESOYIOS COLLEGE.
• Promote sales of all Academic Programs, Vocational Qualification Programs, Lifelong Learning Programs and all other services and products may be offered by MESOYIOS COLLEGE.
• These essential job functions are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed; employees will be required to perform other job related duties as required.
• Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Minimum Qualifications
o Master’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education in marketing, communications, journalism or a related field.
o Two (2) years professional experience in sales, marketing, advertising, media relations, and/or public relations.
o Demonstrated successful experience as a team leader in a production- oriented work group; establishing and meeting multiple deadlines.
o Ability to work effectively with populations representing diverse backgrounds, life experiences and abilities.
o Excellent listening, problem solving and critical thinking skills.
o Excellent communication skills, specifically the ability to produce written documents with clearly organized thoughts and using proper punctuation and grammar.
o Demonstrated experience using a personal computer, office software such as MS Office and electronic mail.

• Demonstrated ability to:
o Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

o Establish and maintain effective working relationships with faculty, staff, trainees and the public.
o Work in a fast- paced, demanding environment.
o Exercise discretion and good judgment at all times and in all contexts and maintain client confidentiality.
o Work effectively with all constituencies of the MESOYIOS COLLEGE.
o Collect, organize, analyse and present legal and governmental information in a meaningful manner.
o Preferred Qualifications Demonstrated successful experience in one or more of the following:
o hospitality and/or training and/or education;
o managing budgets and projects;
o shaping institutional image and presenting that image in multi- media formats;
o writing and editing complex projects.
o desktop technical proficiencies in graphic design and related software, and web page development.

Critical Skills/Expertise
Employees is expected to:
• Speak fluently Arabic and English Language.
• Have serious previous experience in traditional and digital sales, communication and marketing.
• Promote a common purpose consistent with stated MESOYIOS COLLEGE goals and demonstrate a commitment to trainees and the learning environment.
• Possess the knowledge of general written standards and procedures utilized, and have the ability to read, interpret, and follow procedural and policy manual related to the job tasks.
• Demonstrate the ability to respond to supervision, guidance and direction in a positive, receptive manner and in accordance with stated policies.
• Provide quality customer service by creating a welcoming and supportive environment.
• Present a professional image in word, action and attire.
• Demonstrate professionalism in dealing with a diverse population while understanding and respecting each other’s view of the world, personalities and working styles.
• Conduct oneself in a manner consistent with the MESOYIOS COLLEGE’s standards of ethical conduct.
• Apply effective techniques to create working relationships with others to achieve common goals; successfully communicates and collaborates with others to achieve goals.
• Demonstrate skills necessary to look at situations and processes critically to make recommendations for improvement.

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